At the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering, belonging to the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" from Iasi, organizing the "GEOMAT" International Symposium has become a tradition, this year being the fourth edition.
The idea of organizing and continuously develop the scale of the events, occurred both from scientific and practical necessity, and also based on the grounds that a community which does not leave a trace is resembling to a nonexistent one, wasted in irrelevance. We are honored that most outstanding scientific staff in the area, generously and positively responded to our invitation, this fact representing the recognition of the values of geodesy school in Iasi.
We are gladly welcoming all the participants!"

Dean,Professor Ph.D. Eng. Florian STĂTESCU

Organizing Committee Geomat 2016

  •  Prof. PhD. eng. Florian Stătescu – Romania
  •  Prof. PhD. eng. Dumitru Onose – Romania
  •  Prof. PhD. eng. Maricel Palamariu– Romania
  •  Prof. PhD. eng. Cornel Păunescu – Romania
  •  PhD.eng. Ileana Spiroiu - Romania
  •  Eng. Ion Bogdan Șavlovschi - Romania
  •  Prof. PhD. eng. Dorin Cotiușcă Zaucă – Romania
  •  Assoc. Prof.PhD. eng. Constantin Bofu – Romania
  •  Assoc. Prof.PhD. eng. Constantin Chirilă – Romania
  •  Assoc. Prof.PhD. eng. Nicolae Marcoie – Romania
  •  Assoc. Prof.PhD. eng. Ana Cornelia Badea – Romania
  •  Assoc. Prof.PhD. eng. Adrian Savu – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Horaţiu Hogaş – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Cristian Onu – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Gabriel Săndulache – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Dan Pădure – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Loredana Crenganiș – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Maximilian Diac – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Ersilia Oniga – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Alexandru Călin – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Paul Dumitru – Romania
  •  Lecturer PhD. eng. Alexandra Dreghici – Romania
  •  Assist. Lect. PhD. eng. Anca Lazăr– Romania
  •  Assist. Lect. PhD. eng. Costinela Pîrvan– Romania
  •  Eng.  Petru Alexoaiei Conache – Romania

Geomat 2017

International Scientific Committee Geomat 2016

  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Ion Giurma – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Johann Neuner – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Volker Schwieger - Germany
  •  Prof.PhD eng. Hans-Berndt Neuner – Austria
  •  Prof.PhD eng. Pietro Grimaldi – Italy
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. João Catalão - Portugal
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Cristina Catita - Portugal
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Athanassios D. Styliadis - Greece
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Vasilis Pagounnis - Greece
  •  Assoc. Prof. PhD.eng. Jancsó Tamás - Hungary
  •  Assoc.Prof.PhD.eng. Livia Nistor - Lopatenco – Rep. Moldova
  •  Assoc.Prof.PhD.eng. Oleg Horjan – Rep. Moldova
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Florian Stătescu – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Gheorghe Nistor – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Petre Iuliu Dragomir – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Gheorghe Badea – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Constantin Coşarcă – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Maricel Palamariu – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Mircea Ortelecan – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Valer Moca – Romania
  •  Prof.PhD.eng. Carmen Grecea – Romania
  •  Assoc.Prof.PhD.eng. Constantin Bofu – Romania
  •  Assoc.Prof.PhD.eng. Constantin Chirilă – Romania
  • All
  • Presentations
  • Exposition
  • Diploma
  • Dinner





Symposium organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of the following institutions, companies and organizations: Without the support from the sponsors and exhibitors the symposium could not have taken place.


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