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International Symposium GEOMAT is an annual scientific event of great impact in the area of Geomatics organized by Department of Surveying and Cadastre, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering in cooperation with Romanian Surveyors Association in partnership with other universities with specific curricula in the geodetic engineering specialties and other governmental institutions with leading role in the domain. GEOMAT was an initiative of the Department of Surveying and Cadastre, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering started in 2013.

Given the success of the first edition held in 2013, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the founding at Iasi city of technical and engineering education by Gheorghe Asachi, the next editions wants the continuation of a tradition that has its roots in Iasi university academics medium. The symposium topic was enriched with a new area devoted to applied and environmental sciences.

In addition to the scientific contributions of the conference participants, we want to create a favorable environment to discussions between educational medium, government agencies and private companies, to exchange ideas and establish priorities in the field of geomatics. Equipment and software companies in the field are invited to present their products in a specially designed frame and to promote innovative solutions to global development requirements of geospatial sciences.

Young researchers and students are encouraged to actively participate at the conference activities, to be well prepared to challenges that will occur through accelerated development of technology and also to concepts from the field of geomatics and environmental sciences

  • Loredana Crenganis Lecturer Ph.D. eng.

    Email: administrativ@geomat.ro

    "We would like to welcome you at the International Symposium Geomat - 2019, now at its seventh edition, which is intended as a landmark in the field of geomatics. The symposium will better highlight the importance of spatial reference data use in society, and especially in the field of engineering that has spatial information as its support. We wish you all a very pleasant stay in Iasi and a successful and interesting Symposium, which should bring new highlights, information and ideas to everybody."

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During the four symposium days various technical tours were offered and they were all booked up. There were tours to...
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