• Vasile CHIRIAC Assoc. Prof. Dr.

    President of Moldavian Union of Surveyors, Republic of Moldova

           We are much honoured to be invited to participate in the sixth International Symposium GEOMAT 2018 on "Geomatics and new technologies of geospatial science", organized in partnership with high profile universities, Romanian Union of Geodesy and coordinating institutions of geodetic activity in Romania.
            Implementation of new technologies of geospatial science is focused on acquisition of spatial data that constitutes an indispensable basis for our information society. The improved capture and integration of spatial data required the collaboration of many participating disciplines, including geodesy, cartography, computer science, photogrammetry, mathematics, remote sensing, statistics, geography, and various physical, social, and behavioral sciences with spatial analysis applications.
            Today spatial data are used across various application areas, borders and organizations. The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) supports the implementation of new technologies of geospatial science in European countries by promoting the communication between experts from different member and observer countries.
           We are confident that the fifth International Symposium GEOMAT 2018 will truly be fruitful and memorable for everyone and we are looking forward to cooperating with your organizations for the benefit of both the public and private sector.