universitatea tehnica gheorghe asachifacultatea de hidrotehnica Welcome to International Symposium GEOMAT - 2016 uniunea generala a geodezilor din romania

4th Edition

"Spatial information Management for sustainable development"

3 - 6 November 2016


Commissions 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop

"From Volume to Quality:Bridging the Gap for Spatial Data Infrastructure"

fig commission 3

European Group of Surveyors Meeting

european group Surveyors Meeting

Technical Exhibition

"Surveying and data processing technology"

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2016, October 20
Transferring the full paper: 27 October 2016
2016, June 8
1 July 2016: Early registration session
  • Florian Statescu Prof. univ. dr. ing.

    Decanul Facultatății de Hidrotehnică, Geodezie și Ingineria Mediului

    "La Facultatea de Hidrotehnică, Geodezie și Ingineria Mediului aparținând Universității Tehnice „Gheorghe Asachi” din Iași, organizarea Simpozionului Internațional GEOMAT a devenit o tradiție, anul acesta fiind a IV-a ediție. Ideea organizării și dezvoltării continue a anvergurii acestei manifestări a apărut din necesități științifice și practice, dar și din considerentul că o comunitate care nu lasă urme este ca una inexistentă, pierdută în neant. Suntem onorați că tot mai multe personalități științifice remarcabile din domeniu au răspuns afirmativ și generos invitației noastre, ceea ce reprezintă și o recunoaștere a valorii învățământului geodezic de la Iași.
    Îi întâmpinăm cu drag pe toții participanții !"

  • Cornel Paunescu Prof. univ. dr. ing.

    Uniunii Geodezilor din Romania

           Yearly, in the late autumn around the surveyor day, we have got used already to come back to Iasi at Technical University for GEOMAT Symposium where specialist from academia, from public and private sector gather for debates and presentations. We are very honored, this year in GEOMAT, we will have together with us members of FIG Commission 3 Spatial Information Management. The Commission workshop "From Volume to Quality: Bridging the Gap for Spatial Data Infrastructure" will be held in almost the same time with GEOMAT and European Group of Surveyors(EgoS) will held they annual General Assembly.

  • Enrico Rispoli  

    Chair of Commission 3

           As Chair of FIG Commission 3 I feel particularly honored to organize the Annual Workshop in Iasi, Romanian city candidate as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021.
    Iasi, the most important and friendly city in Moldova, was also chosen for its architectural beauty that “charms the eye and seduces the heart”, particularly by visiting the places of Orthodox worship. In a sea of gray cement and of prefabricated communist-era, you can discover some interesting islands of European architecture and of Romanian national art jewelry. Iasi is an influential cultural center and hosts the oldest university in Romania.

  • Radu Codrut Stefanescu  

    Director General - Agentia Nationala de Cadastru si Publicitate Imobiliara

           Managementul Informației Spațiale, geodezia, cartografia, cadastrul și cartea funciară reprezintă domenii de activitate cu grad mare de interdisciplinaritate, pragmatism și sinteză. De aici provin atât dificultatea și complexitatea, cât și satisfacțiile practicării acestor profesii. Activitățile se desfășoară atât în sectorul public cât și în sectorul privat, în permanență, în echipe multidisciplinare. Dincolo de diferențe, cei care practică aceste profesii reprezintă o comunitate al cărei scop este de a aduce cunoașterea și abordarea științifică în dificila ecuație a armonizării interesului de evidențiere și valorizare a proprietății

About us

International Symposium GEOMAT is an annual scientific event of great impact in the area of Geomatics organized by Department of Surveying and Cadastre, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering in cooperation with Romanian Surveyors Association in partnership with other universities with specific curricula in the geodetic engineering specialties and other governmental institutions with leading role in the domain. GEOMAT was an initiative of the Department of Surveying and Cadastre, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering started in 2013.

Given the success of the first edition held in 2013, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the founding at Iasi city of technical and engineering education by Gheorghe Asachi, the next editions wants the continuation of a tradition that has its roots in Iasi university academics medium. The symposium topic was enriched with a new area devoted to applied and environmental sciences.

In addition to the scientific contributions of the conference participants, we want to create a favorable environment to discussions between educational medium, government agencies and private companies, to exchange ideas and establish priorities in the field of geomatics. Equipment and software companies in the field are invited to present their products in a specially designed frame and to promote innovative solutions to global development requirements of geospatial sciences.

Young researchers and students are encouraged to actively participate at the conference activities, to be well prepared to challenges that will occur through accelerated development of technology and also to concepts from the field of geomatics and environmental sciences

  • Loredana Crenganis Lecturer Ph.D. eng.


    "We would like to welcome you at the International Symposium Geomat - 2016, now at its fourth edition, which is intended as a landmark in the field of geomatics. The symposium will better highlight the importance of spatial reference data use in society, and especially in the field of engineering that has spatial information as its support. We wish you all a very pleasant stay in Iasi and a successful and interesting Symposium, which should bring new highlights, information and ideas to everybody."






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